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Paydirt shows a community of Oregon winegrowers in need of revenue grow marijuana in order to finance their vineyards.

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1981, fiction feature, WNET television; Sundance, 1981; Northwest Film Festival; Festival of American Independent Cinema, New York; Festival of American Independent Cinema, Netherlands; Hof Film Festival (Germany); American Cinema of the 80s, BAM, New York, 2015; Retrospective at Hollywood Theatre, Portland, 2015 ; Retrospective at Metrograph, New York, 2017 ; Sundance Video on Demand.

Paydirt is based-on-a-true-story crime thriller full of verve and looming ironies. In an iridescent Garden of Eden in Oregon’s wine country, ex-hippie would-be vintners work hard and live well, making their profit off of cash crop marijuana.

When violent gangsters invade, the growers organize and fight back for their land, and the resulting action marries comedy to social commentary via prima photography.

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